How much does a customer typically spend with you for products or services? *

For example, a customer might typically spend $100/mo for your services so you would enter 100. Or maybe your customers purchase products and on average they purchase $50 worth of products. So you'd enter 50.
How often do they spend this much (in terms of months) *

For example, if they spend $100/mo for services, then enter 1. If they spend $50 on products every 3 months, enter 3.
How long does a customer typically stay with you (in terms of months)? *

For example, if your customers stay with you as a customer for about two years, enter 24 (for months).
How many leads does it typically require to convert someone to a customer? *

For example, do you talk to 10 potential customers before one becomes a paying customer?
How much are you paying for SEO services each month? *

What website are you having SEO done for? *

And what shall I call you? *

Enter your first name.
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